YogaToes Gems – Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator

YogaToes Gems - Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator

Do you suffer from sore feet after walking around all day or have planter fasciitis, bunions or hammertoes? If the answer is yes, you are an ideal candidate for Yoga Toes. Yoga Toes are a cool new trend in town that can provide your feet instant relief from pain and discomfort.

Yoga Toes, also commonly referred as toe stretchers, look similar to foam toe separators that are used for pedicures. The device works by strengthening and stretching the muscles of your feet. Rest assured, you don’t have to worry about performing extensive workouts and awkward exercises. Simply insert your toes in the inserts and lay back. You can slip them on while watching TV or before you are about to take a nap.

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How Do Toe Stretcher’s Work?

Toe stretchers sit between your toes, near the webbing. This stretches out toe muscles and ligaments that in turn improve feet alignment. They can be worn while you are lying down or sitting on your couch.

Toe separators improve length and flexibility in your toes that prevents a range of foot problems. These separators can either be made from foam or gel. Some are available as cotton spreader socks.

Features & Benefits

YogaToes Gems’s Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator are a #1 bestseller on Amazon and are known to provide instant therapeutic relief from conditions, such as hammer toes, bunions and sore feet.

The toe separator works by gently spreading your toes from the balls of your feet, offering you relief from pain and discomfort. This toe stretcher is known to offer more benefits than walking barefoot and helps maintain better balance and posture.

YogaToes Gems - Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator on Feet

Some notable features of the YogaToes Gems’s Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator include:

  • Doctor Recommended: The Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator has been recommended by healthcare professionals.
  • Instant Relief: The gems gently fit between your toes and separate them, providing a stronger stretch, making them more effective. After wearing Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator regularly, the joints in your feet will begin to realign and relax, making your muscles supple and strong again.
  • Promotes Blood Circulation: The toe stretcher increases blood circulation in the most neglected parts of the body: your feet and toes!
  • Store in the Freezer: Cool off after a hot day in the sun by storing the toe stretchers in the freezer. Rest assured, they will remain soft and will instantly offer your relief after a long day of wearing shoes.
  • Fights Foot Problems: Using Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator helps your feet remain beautiful and healthy. The separators are a one-step solution to gain relief from achy feet and cure foot problems, such as crossed toes, claw toes, hammer toes, bunions and planter fasciitis.
  • Available in Various Sizes: The Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separators are available in various sizes.
  • BPA Free: The medical grade gel is 100% BPA free and has been manufactured in the US.
  • Easy Slip-on Design: With a slight twist, the Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator features an easy slip-on design unlike other products in the market.
  • Best Seller: The Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon and has more than 900 positive reviews.
Close up of YogaToes Gems - Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator

What Others Say

The Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator received an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon at the time of this review. A majority of reviews were positive and most customers were pleased with their purchase. Start wearing Gems for 10 to 15 minutes every day and then gradually increase the time.

The brand recommends you wear the toe stretchers for about an hour every day, as long as it’s comfortable. Some people may feel discomfort while trying on the Gems for the first time. This is perfectly normal as your feet have spent ages being cramped inside your shoes or perhaps from wearing uncomfortable heels.

Customers recommend you start wearing the toe stretchers for a couple of minutes every day and increase the time duration as your feet get accustomed to it. Several customers have left positive reviews while some have even posted before and after pictures.

According to a customer, the Yoga Toes helped their bunions appear less prominent and helped their toes become straighter. This prevents foot pain and offers convenience to the user as they need not perform complex foot exercises to improve alignment.

YogaToes Gems - Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator

Gems are comfortable to use and easy to wash. You can also use the product for your pedicure sessions or enjoy a spa day at home. Fill your bathtub with magnesium crystals and Epsom salts and wear the Gems in the bath. Hot water will further relax your muscles and soothe your joints.

Like other forms of treatments, Gems will take a few weeks to correct your toes. Individuals are advised to remain patient and consistent. Slowly, the Yoga Toes will relieve pressure on your toes and improve alignment. On the downside, a few customers expressed discomfort from wearing the product.

According to them, the Yoga Toes stretched their toes too further apart, so much that it caused discomfort. Another customer complained the divisions were too large and are not suitable for smaller feet.

Buying Advice

Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator is available at Amazon for a price of around $30. While the product is pricier than other toe separators in the market, it is definitely worth it. Customers complained how cheaper brands do not offer a stronger stretch and are not as effective as Yoga Toes. Additionally, this model is easier to slip on and is worth the convenience.

YogaToes Gems - Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator Package


For its price, the Gems Gel Toe Stretcher & Separator is a good buy and is effective for treating all kinds of foot problems. However, the product might not be suitable for everybody and can cause damage if not used properly. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for using the product and visit a professional healthcare expert if you have any questions regarding your foot problems.

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