Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles

Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles

Wearing the right pair of insoles can make a significant difference on how your feet feel after an extensive day of training and work. Insoles are removable soles that can be inserted in your shoes to offer extra comfort and support. Insoles are also known as inner soles and foot beds, which are worn to reduce stress on feet bones and joints.

Investing in a pair of premium insoles significantly reduces the risk of injuries and increases comfort. If you require additional arch support or constantly suffer from tired feet, you can definitely benefit from a new pair of premium insoles.

Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles

Features & Benefits

Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles offers superior foot comfort using synthetic insoles. Unlike most insoles in the market, Superfeet offer a firm fit that is not cushy and soft. This provides deep heel cup along with a firm arch support that makes a world of difference.

After conducting extensive market research, Super Feet has worked hard to improve and design the product according to customer reviews. Customers experienced positive improvements in the following areas from using Super Feet Shape. Some notable features of the Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles include:

Manmade Sole: Superfeet offer premium man-made soles that are synthesized according to your specific needs. The biomechanical shape is designed to offer premium support that improves posture and balance.

  • Numerous Benefits: The biomechanical shape is designed to align and support the bones of your foot. This helps prevent knee stress, ankle pain, hip pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • High Density Foam: Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles features closed-cell foam that cushions and supports the foot for longer lasting comfort.
  • Heavy-Duty Shock Absorption: The premium quality shoes offer heavy-duty shock absorption that is beneficial for individuals who are always on the go. The shoes can be worn for sports or high stress activities that would wear down your feet.
  • Stabilizer Cap: The base of the insole features a stabilizer cap that supports the rear foot. The stabilizer cap provides stability and structure to the foam layer.
  • Anti-Bacterial Coating: Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles is designed with an anti-bacterial coating. This maximizes odor control and eliminates harmful bacteria.
  • Premium Comfort: Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles benefit numerous groups of people, including cyclists, skaters, hikers, and nurses, practically anybody who is on the move.
  • Fits Best In: The insoles fit all types of high-volume and medium footwear with removable insoles. This ranges from casual footwear to running shoes or hiking boots.
  • Durable Construction: Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles offers durable construction that offers premium support and comfort. The durable design ensures longevity and quality design.
Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles Material

What Others Say

The Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles received an average of 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon at the time of this review. Most customers were happy with their purchase and left positive reviews. According to a customer review, these green insoles are beneficial for patients with high arches.

The insoles will help by holding up the arch during the collapse. These insoles might not be beneficial for individuals who have low arches. People with low arches should avoid wearing these insoles as it can cause tension on the plantar fascia.

Unlike other insoles in the market, the Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles features a sturdy plastic bottom. This acts as an effective shock absorber for your feet. The insoles work by causing the fatty tissue under your foot to take in more shock. The insole encourages this by offering a deep heel cup that supports the heel, causing the fatty tissue to cup your heel, resulting in the optimal shock absorption.

The insoles keep your feet in a neutral position that is leveled and straight. Not only does this promote better foot health but it also reduces wear and tear on your shoes. The insoles protect the inner part of your shoes from damage. A customer explained how they worked 40 hours on concrete and how the insoles help relieve pain in their feet, ankles and hips.

Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles

Within a week of inserting the insoles, you will notice a difference in your posture and foot health. Additionally, since the insoles are made using durable materials, they will last for several weeks without wearing out.

Your feet support the rest of your body and thus require optimal care and attention. Unstable foot can lead to problems, such as foot and ankle pain, neck strain, lower back strain, hip joint strain along with need stress. However, on the downside, these insoles are not beneficial for everybody.

This is why it is advised you visit a doctor before investing in any devices to put in your shoes. Foot problems can vary from person to person and can also differ in intensity. Overall, Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles do everything they promise and are better than other expensive orthopedic devices in the market.

Buying Advice

You can purchase the Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles between the prices of $40 to $80 on Amazon. The price may vary according to the size you opt for. Customers can benefit from free returns on a few sizes and colors.

It is advised you pay close attention to the size chart as opting for the wrong size can cause further foot related problems. To save money, be on the lookout for discounts and promotional offers. Superfeet offer an extensive range of products so you ought to check out those as well.

Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles


Keeping in mind its price, the Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles offers great value to customers and is much better than other cheaper options in the market. However, do you purchase these insoles as a way to diagnose foot problems on your own. Visit a professional or stop using the product if it causes pain and discomfort.

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