Investing In The Best Foot Massagers

Foot Massager

There is absolutely no question that a foot massage leaves you relaxed and energetic. We use our feet to do just everything, and most people often neglect their foot health. However, it is important to understand massaging your feet on a daily basis can enhance overall health and fight numerous symptoms of chronic conditions such as depression.

Getting a Foot Massage in a Spa

However, going to a spa on a frequent basis can somewhat of a tedious task – and, nobody really has the time to do that. The next best alternative to going to spa is getting a great foot massager. There are different types of massagers available for your feet and calves that provide different features and can be set to apply a variety of foot massage techniques.

Foot Massage Techniques

There are plenty of massage techniques that can provide you with different health advantages. For example, general therapeutic foot massages are strictly for relaxing all the muscles and joints in your feet. Acupressure massage techniques provide overall health benefits and increase the flow of energy throughout your body when specific pressure points in your feet are massaged and relaxed.

Acupressure Massage on feet

Reflexology aims at boosting internal organ health by pressing and massaging particular regions on your feet. Although there are many not-so-science-backed claims about how daily food massage can provide you with youthful energy and health, mentioned below are some science-backed health advantages of a good foot massage.

Some Compelling Reasons Why You Should Your Get A Foot Spa Massager

Here are some reasons you should consider getting a massager:

Revs Up Your Lovemaking

All you need to enhance your sex life is a bit of massage oil, romantic candlelight settings in your room and a good foot massager with heat. A pleasant, stress busting foot massage provided by an electric machine designed to press and relax every area of your feet is the best gift you can give to your partner before makeing love to him/her.

Foot Massager with Heat Function

A great foot massage can help your partner totally forget about all the little things that have bothered them throughout the day and help them focus on the here and now. In addition, a foot massage can be an effective form of stimulating arousal.

Boosts Circulation

Because many people remain inactive throughout their lives, they become used to sedentary way of life. This also means that most of us cannot effectively use the muscle groups in our legs on a daily basis. This is why the muscles and joints in your feet do not get the necessary conditioning required to keep the blood flow to an optimum level.

Boosted Blood Circulation

A daily massage of your feet can help restore optimum function to the muscle groups in your feet. You can use a good electric foot massager to massage your feet for about 15 to 30 minutes tops. However, it is strongly advised that you massage your feet before you turn in for the night.

It will help boost your blood circulation, enhancing it to reach all the regions of the feet – which is undeniably a mega health benefit for people suffering with Type-2 diabetes.

Helps Steer You Clear Off Ankle And Foot Injuries

Daily massage using a foot and calf massager can help minimize the joint pain and increase recovery. Furthermore, a good foot massage can also help minimize muscle soreness and add flexibility. On the other hand, if you combine a foot massage with ankle conditioning and flexibility exercises, you considerably expedite healing and significantly reduce the chances of foot injury.

Steer Clear of Ankle Injuries

There is no question that everybody experiences foot injuries – however, if the muscles of your feet and ankle are massaged and strengthened, the chances of that injury dealing damage considerably reduces.

Foot Massages Can Help Reduce Symptoms And Effects Of Depression And Anxiety

Using a footbath massager to enhance the flexibility and strength of your feet can also lead to other health benefits such as combating anxiety and depression symptoms. Reflexology foot massages can help your feet recover from every day stress that you put on your feet and relax the muscles of your feet.

Depression And Anxiety

Moreover, according to several studies in cancer patients, this type of foot massage can help them minimize the effects of both anxiety and depression in people suffering with cancer. This is where it is important to invest in a foot spa massager that comes with a reflexology option.

Helps Relieve Migraines And Frequent Headaches

According to a research undertaken in Denmark, it was identified that people suffering with frequent headaches and painful migraines can recover and reduce their symptoms via reflexology foot massages.

Headache and Migranes are helped by foot massage

It was reported that the patients stopped taking medication for their symptoms during a 3-month trial period consisting of several foot massage sessions. 65% of patients stated that a majority of their symptoms have been treated while a handful of patients said that their headaches and migraines were cured.

Foot Massager For Planter Fasciitis

Planter fasciitis is a painful foot condition and one of the most prevalent causes of the discomfort and pain you feel in your heels. The plantar fascia is basically a ligament in your toes and feet, linking your heel bone to your toes. The ligament is a flat group of tissues. Straining this ligament can weaken your heel bone; your feet will get swollen and inflamed.

Foot Massage

When this happens, it is quite difficult to walk straight and standing up hurts. Foot massager with heat can help you relax this ligament, reducing inflammation and pain. There are several types of foot massagers you can use for this condition so it will be a good idea to check out some foot massager reviews.

Bottom Line

All in all, there is no doubt that a decent foot massager can help take away that discomfort and stress in your feet. Daily massages can also release a natural feel-good chemical in your brain, known as dopamine, which can also help you maintain a happy and relaxed mood.

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